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Sharen Plywood

Plywood Manufacturer

Founded in the year 2012 we Sharen Plywood is a Company and well-renowned Manufacture of a comprehensive range of Plywood, BlockBoard, Doors, etc. Our mentor Satish Kumar Agrawal (Founder), always motivates us with his competent capabilities and assists us to achieve renowned position in the market.

Plywood Classification

There are two broad classes of plywood, each with its own grading system.

One category is thought as construction and industrial. Plywoods during this category ar used primarily for his or her strength and ar rated by their exposure capability and therefore the grade of veneer used on the face and back. Exposure capability could also be interior or exterior, reckoning on the kind of glue. Veneer grades could also be N, A, B, C, or D. N grade has only a few surface defects, whereas D grade could have various knots and splits. for instance, laminate used for subflooring in an exceedingly home is rated "Interior C-D". this suggests it's a C face with a D back, and therefore the glue is appropriate to be used in protected locations. The inner plies of all construction and industrial laminate ar made of grade C or D veneer, in spite of what the rating.

The other category of plyboard is understood as hardwood and ornamental. Plywoods during this category area unit used primarily for his or her look and area unit hierarchical in degressive order of resistance to wet as Technical (Exterior), kind I (Exterior), kind II (Interior), and sort III (Interior). Their face veneers area unit nearly freed from defects.

The Manufacturing Process

The trees wont to build plyboard square measure typically smaller in diameter than those wont to build lumber. In most cases, they need been planted and big in areas in hand by the plyboard company. These square measureas are fastidiously managed to maximise tree growth and minimize harm from insects or hearth.

Here is a typical sequence of operations for processing trees into standard 4 ft by 8 ft (1.2 m by 2.4 m) plywood sheets:

Felling the trees

1. Selected trees in area unita|a neighborhood|a district|a region|a locality|a vicinity|a part|a section} are marked as being able to be curtail, or felled. The felling is also finished gasoline-powered chain saws or with massive hydraulic shears mounted on the front of wheeled vehicles referred to as fellers. The limbs ar off from the fallen trees with chain saws.

2. The cut tree trunks, or logs, square measure dragged to a stop by wheeled vehicles referred to as skidders. The logs square measure move length and square measure loaded on trucks for the trip to the plyboard mill, wherever they're stacked in long piles referred to as log decks.

Preparing the logs

1. As logs area unit required, they're picked up from the log decks by rubber-tired loaders and placed on a series conveyor that brings them to the debarking machine. This machine removes the bark, either with sharp-toothed grinding wheels or with jets of hard-hitting water, whereas the log is slowly turned regarding its long axis.

2. The debarked logs square measure carried into the mill on a sequence conveyor wherever an enormous saw cuts them into sections concerning eight ft-4 in (2.5 m) to eight ft-6 in (2.6 m) long, appropriate for creating commonplace eight linear unit (2.4 m) long sheets. These log sections square measure referred to as peeler blocks.

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Satish Kumar Agrawal

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1000 People

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Our Certificate

Sharen Plywood procures logs from sustainably managed forests to meet the global quality standards.