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As the manufacturer of high quality plywood and allied products, we stand by our commitment to quality through our SHAREN Guarantee, which comes with a promise of 5 times money back guarantee*. The SHAREN Guarantee extends to all our products. All SHAREN products are guaranteed from all forms of insect infestation. The guarantee period ranges from lifetime to 5 years, depending on the brand. This is our promise to assure that SHAREN customers are provided the best material with the required level of guarantee that is expected. Please contact your SHAREN authorized dealer or the company.

Lifetime Guarantee

15 years Guarantee

10 years Guarantee

5 years Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions on Sharen Guarantee Scheme

When will this Guarantee be launched?

From 1st April 2017

What are the terms of this Guarantee?

1. The purchase of Sharen Products must be registered through an Authorised Dealer within 1 month from the date of invoice issued.

2. To lodge a complaint and claim under this Guarantee Program, the customer will have to produce Invoice and the Guarantee Certificate issued by an Authorized Dealer.

3. The invoice must clearly mention the brand, quantity, and value of each Duro product purchased.

4. The customer needs to lodge a complaint through the Authorized Dealer or through the company.

* Contact your authorised dealer or the company for further details.

What defects are covered under this?

Insect infection including Termite & Borer

What is the terms of settlement?

3 times the value of the infested goods or the cost of furniture, whichever is lower

How does a customer register his Guarantee?

At the time of purchase, he must ask the Authorized Dealer from whom he is purchasing to register the purchase as per the mentioned terms and conditions and issue a Guarantee Certificate. Or you can mail us the the bill invoice with picture of serial no. provided on any plywood you have received from the dealer, Certificate will be mailed to you directly within 7 working days.

If a customer has an issue, what does he / she needs to do?

If the product has been registered in the past, he or she needs to approach a company employee or the Authorized Dealer with the certificate and proof of purchase. The company will then organise a site inspection to determine the future course of action.

Dealer wants to issue the Certificate by hand. Is it possible?

No. The registration must happen online.

How many months / years after the purchase can the registration happen?

Not more than 1 month after the date of the invoice.

I purchased a SHAREN product and have a copy of the invoice of my purchase, however it was not registered at that time. Now I have an issue. As a customer am I entitled to anything?

No. Purchase should have been registered at the time of buying the material.

Customer registers his purchase but has lost his certificate. Can we issue a duplicate copy?

Yes, the Authorized Dealer through whom the purchase was registered can issue a duplicate certificate. In addition, He / She can also approach the company and submit the name under which the purchase was made, month and year of purchase and through which Authorized dealer. Once this information is provided, we can issue a duplicate certificate.

What happens to products supplied before 1st April 2017?

The Guarantee stands on all products supplied earlier as per the new terms and conditions.

What happens when a problem is detected? What do we do?

The customer has to submit the proof of purchase along with the guarantee certificate to the company. The company will then conduct a site inspection and follow the guide line to resolve the issue.

Does the Guarantee start from the date of the certificate issued or the date of the purchase?

From the date of the purchase, subject to the purchase being registered within 1 month from the date of the invoice.

What does Lifetime mean?

As long as the product is in use.