Plywood and Blockboard

  • Use masking tape on the lines you’re cutting to prevent the plywood or blockboard from splintering.
  • Run screws into dowels planted at cross-angles rather than trying to drive them into end grain where they have no chance of sticking.
  • Use a second sheet of plywood/blockboard as a rip guide when no long straight edge is available.
  • In many applications it’s possible to finish a sheet before cutting it; do this to save quite a bit of time.
  • Break edges by running sandpaper from inner portion of the plywood sheet outward to the open edge.
  • Always use backups to prevent tear-out when drilling.
  • In order to achieve the best results when installing plywood products, it is very important to use the proper size nail. The pattern for nailing that is used is also very critical.
  • Not all plywood/blockboard applications require the same size nail or spacing between nails.
  • You must check before you nail
  • The spacing of nails on the edges of a panel are frequently different from the spacing within the panel.


  • As the manufacturer of high quality plywood and allied products, we stand by our commitment to quality through our SHAREN Guarantee, which comes with a promise of 5 times money back guarantee*. The SHAREN Guarantee extends to all our products.
  • All SHAREN products are guaranteed from all forms of insect infestation. The guarantee period ranges from lifetime to 5 years, depending on the brand.
  • This is our promise to assure that SHAREN customers are provided the best material with the required level of guarantee that is expected.
  • Please contact your SHAREN authorized dealer or the company.

Flexible Plywood

  • Undulating plywood panels turn elegant space dividers into architectural additions, though some see them purely as sculpture. These rippling partitions stand up to ten feet, metamorphosing any room with an effusive earthy air. Some serve as multi-use functional objects.
  • An architectural partition is an architectural addition, a subdivision of a system, representing some commonality of function, content, or placement with the architecture.