FAQ on Sharen Guarantee Scheme

Rampant and often unplanned exploitation of wood resources that destroyed forests and in the process the environment and degraded the quality of life as such, is a critical issue. Besides: - One-unit volume of Plywood serves the purpose of two-unit volumes of sawn timber - Hence Plywood saves as much as 200% of timber - Thus reducing the pressure of demands on valuable wood - Net-net, Plywood saves 200% of the forest resources that helps save you This simple accordion degrades gracefully in browsers that don't support JavaScript or CSS.
- Innovation is rarely possible with wood, only Plywood or an allied product gives you that advantage - You understand that smartness and style are as important as heritage and aesthetics, so are flexibility and creativity beyond rigidity and routine - You know how to balance between ability and durability and are never hesitant to adapt to change that makes you more able
We are in the marketplace as one of the TRUSTED BRANDS in the Plywood industry, making it the brand worth your trust.
SHAREN PLY of course with its 3-Advantage edge: Advantage One: Super Log Criterion Advantage Two: Gapless Construction Advantage Three: PFS TrueGlue Bonding This brand is available in both MR, BWR and BWP grades.
Because it is made of only kiln-seasoned and chemically treated timber and it offers unique features like: - Smooth and warp free surface, for good look - Dimensional stability - Termite resistance - Carpenter friendliness - light in weight; easy on tools; firmly holds screws and nails
Yes, you can be rest assured with this product, which is neither 1% nor 99% but 100% boiling water and weather proof.
Sharen Club - Premium Flexible Plywood - you can do anything as flexibly as possible to shape up the interiors at home or office. This actually offers a unique flexi-solution up to 6-mm thickness and is 100% versatile plywood to meet your needs.
We've attained E1 emission standard in order to give you and your family members, employees and customers healthier air to breathe free.
"I am with SHAREN from two years now, And today SHAREN has become a part of my family. So here I wish all the best to Sharen, and all the members who work hard and smart, everyday, to bring Sharen to the top. Last but not the least, I am really very happy with Sharen's performance." - Architect
To deliver Sharen to lives, we have pan India operations duly backed up by our distributors and dealers. Our Distributors are spread across PAN India