Mr. Deepanshu Agarwal

“Our Team is dedicated to quality satisfaction as we beleive in quality products not profits”

With plywood future dreams are made it is now a essential part of lives as dream homes dont come without furniture,dream offices, comforts all come with plywood and when thers a huge responsibility to fulfill all this we are commited to deliver tension free plywood in the market so the customer can build there dreams into reality with us without any worry. We are also maing a balnace with environment here by using selected timbers for our plywood that do not harm our Nature. The Indian infrastructure is changing at a very rapid pace with major constructions taking place, not only in the metros but also in the district towns and industrial cities. A window of this magnitude offers an opportunity to touch the lives not only of ourselves, but also the society.

Satish Kumar Agrawal

“We aim at delivering our best in the market”

SEPL was founded in 2013, a time period when wood was not the one and only resource for all furniture manufacturing, and competetion was at its highest but with the best quality and delivery we stood in the market.


The production facility of SEPL is technologically sophisticated with advanced equipment, processes and support services for production of the entire spectrum of plywood. Raw materials are sourced indigenously as well as from overseas.


Mr. Siddharth Agarwal

We have always been in the market just because what we said is what we delivered to our customers and there satisfaction was our main priority.

Mr. Bharat Lila

We Are succesful in making disributors in many states till now and we are positively looking forward to expand our supply chain more in coming years. And all this is possible only due to best quality product delivered in the market and we look forward to keep this upin future as well.