Sharen Club

With 100% Lifetime Guarantee

Made with imported gurjan core from burma. selected veneer is imported to india from burma to make one of the finest plywood. It has the finest composing with 100% gurjan core used inside. the most resistive plywood in all conditions. This is premium range of plywood which comes with lifetime guarantee.

clubSuper Log Criterion

Sharen Plywood is derived from individually selected hardwood timber that satisfies Super Log Criterion – a well researched set of guidelines devised by Sharen’s R&D to search for the mother of all logs, the Super Log.

clubTHT (Triple Heat Treatment)

Each Sharen Plywood comes under a unique THT process, under which they are passed through three different stages of heat and chemical treatment to help them stand the test of time.

clubPFS True-Glue Bonding

Gapless plywood & blockboard after being THT treated are put through a new age PFS True Glue Bonding procedure to form strong, solid, zero-gap plywood & blockboard that is bonded for life.

clubGapless Construction

Each product is gapless.

clubTermite Treatment

All Sharen products are specially treated against termites for longevity

Technical Specification

Conforming to IS : 710 (1976)

Prescribed Test Values for Conformity Observed Value
Moisture content (%) 5 – 15 6 – 10
Glue shear strength
(in dry state)
Min.  1100N
Avg.  1350N
Min.  1190N – 1270N
Avg.  1410N – 1510N
Adhersion of ply Min. pass standard Min. pass standard
Glue shear strength
(after 72 hrs. boiling)
Min. 800N
Avg. 1000N
Min. 1110N – 1200N
Avg. 1200N – 1250N
Tensile strength
Along the grain
Across the grain
42N/Sq. mm.
25N/Sq. mm.
52N/Sq. mm.
34N/Sq. mm.
Sum of strength 84.50N/ 100N/
Static bending strength
Modulus of rupture
Along the grain
Across the grain
Modulus of elasticity
Along the grain
Across the grain
50N/Sq. mm.
30N/Sq. mm.7500N/Sq. mm.
4000N/Sq. mm.
62N/Sq. mm.
45N/Sq. mm.8100N/Sq. mm.
5600N/Sq. mm.