Sharen Gold

Commercial Plywood

EXTRA layer with extra strenght made with 100% eucalyptis. it comes in both waterproof and commercial range . has very good tensile strength to give supports at heavy loads. very reliable in making loads bearing racks. and used as doing partitions also becuase of its strenth. All thickness material are comes with extra layer to give extra power to the ply.

clubSuperior Resistance Power

Sharen Ply is perfectly bonded and specifically treated to withstand termites, borers, as well as moisture.

clubHumidity Resistance

This MR Grade plywood can withstand very high levels of humidity. It can withstand water immersion test at a temperature of 60oC ± 20oC for an astonishing 3 hours.

clubLifetime of performance

Guaranteed lifetime of performance due to superior raw materials, chemical process and special humidity resistance formula.


Highly recommended for all types of furniture, interior decoration, wall paneling, ceilings, laminations and paint finish.

clubExtra Strength

Sharen Gold comes extra Strength.

clubExtra Layer

Sharen Gold Plywood Comes to extra Strength.

Technical Specification

Conforming to IS : 303

Prescribed Test Values for Conformity Observed Value
Moisture content (%) 5 – 15 5 – 8
Modulus of Elasticity
(Parallel to face grain) (N/mms2)
4000 5300
Modulus of rupture
(Parallel to face grain) (N/mms2)
30   38-49
Adhesion of Piles Pass Pass
Squareness Test (5)
Across the grain
0.2 0.02 – 0.06
Edge Straightness Test (%) 0.2 0.02 – 0.06